• Semester/Block Onedog image

    ACMOHS301A Contribute to occupational health and safety processes

    ACMINF301A Comply with infection control policies and procedures in the animal care industry

    ACMGAS202A Participate in workplace communications

    ACMGAS204A Feed and water animals

    ACMGAS205A Assist in health care of animals

    ACMVET202A Carry out daily clinic routines

  • Semester/Block Twosurgery image

    ACMVET203A Assist with surgery preparations

    ACMVET402A Apply imaging routines

    ACMVET403A Perform clinical pathology procedures

    ACMVET201A Carry out veterinary nursing reception duties

    ACMGAS208A Source information for animal care needs

  • Semester/Block Threenurse animals image

    ACMVET410A Carry out veterinary dental nursing procedures

    ACMVET401A Coordinate patient admission and discharge

    ACMVET404A Perform clinic office procedures

    ACMVET409A Provide specific animal care advice

    General Nursing

    • ACMVET406A Nurse Animals and
    • ACMVET407A Carry out medical nursing procedures
  • Semester/Block Fourcat image

    Theatre Nursing

    • ACMVET405A Carry out surgical nursing routines and
    • ACMVET408A Coordinate and perform theatre routines

    Electives – students to choose 4 units from the 6

    ACMVET412A Coordinate clinic promotional activities

    ACMVET413A Develop and implement clinic policies

    ACMSPE312A Provide basic care of rabbits and rodents

    ACMSPE310A Provide basic care of mammals

    ACMSUS301A Implement and monitor environmentally sustainable work practices

    HLTFA311A Apply first aid (human)

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