Wonder why Moodle is so popular?

Here are some of the innovative ways that we currently use Moodle at Durack:

Why spend all weekend marking? Put your knowledge-based questions and tests, self-assessment quizzes and other forms of assessment in Moodle and they will be automatically marked for you. The results are conveniently available anytime and can be exported as an excel spreadsheet Assessment Record.

Find it difficult to keep up with late starters and students who miss classes? Put the responsibility back on the learner and put all your handouts, PowerPoint presentations, reference lists and web-links in Moodle.

Pre-requisites and fast tracking - put the resources in Moodle and the students can access them at their own convenience.

Photocopying expenses going through the roof? You might never have to print anything again smile

You can easily cater for all your students' Learning Styles by including visual, audio and interactive content in your Moodle courses.

Have some students who need extra support? Moodle gives students the independence to access their course materials anywhere, anytime, so they can go over them as often as they need.

Student networking - Students with tools or equipment, uniforms or text books to sell can post their items on a course discussion forum.

Industry information - Lecturers and students can post information that might be useful about job vacancies, seminars and meetings etc, related to their industry.

Looking for ways to ensure employablility skills are covered? Students using Moodle are using technology, learning, communication, collaboration, problem-solving and self-management skills.

Prepare your students for the workforce of the future - not the past! Almost every job and career requires staff to use some forms of technology. Help your students gain those important skills.

Free resources and content! As Moodle is an open-source product you can find, use and customise existing Moodle courses that others have developed.

Are you on the road, or off-campus quite a bit and prospective students find you hard to catch? Make all your pre-enrolment course information available in Moodle and stop those clients from calling another RTO instead.

Lecturers at Durack are using Moodle for all these different purposes - come and join the enlightened ones - or share your own ideas about what could suit you and your students' requirements.

Contact Durack's Training Innovations Leader, Cheryl Galloway on 9956 2724 (ext 2724) or email cheryl.galloway@durack.edu.au for more information about using Moodle.

Hear what some students have to say about Moodle:

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