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As a user, some sections of this site may allow the posting of content that is made available for others to view. In doing so I acknowledge and accept that:

  1. Copyright: I am aware of the requirements of the Copyright Act 1968 and will ensure that materials presented will conform to these requirements for all content (including text, graphics, images, illustrations, audio, software, animation & video) that I publish and that:
    1. all original work is created by me as the sole author and in doing so transfer all rights associated with this content to the Minister for Further Education, Employment, Science and Technology (South Australia) OR
    2. written permission has been obtained for all content created by another author or the rights reside with another publisher and these have been appropriately acknowledged OR
    3. copyright of published material already resides with the Minister for Further Education, Employment, Science and Technology (South Australia)
  2. I accept all liability for any legal action as a result of content published by me in relation to the access, transmission, retrieval, storage or display of all materials including but not limited to:
    1. sexually explicit material
    2. hate speech or offensive material
    3. material regarding illicit drugs or violence
    4. material regarding criminal skills and/or illegal activities
    5. material of a defamatory, discriminatory or harassing nature

NOTE: All material must form part of a legitimate educational activity, otherwise strictly forbidden on this site.

  1. I will not use this site for any form of commercial gain (eg promotion, solicitation) that is not approved by the Department of Further Education, Employment, Science and Technology
  2. I will not knowingly transmit software or any form of computer virus or file that contains a harmful component
  3. I understand that any material published may be edited or deleted at the discretion of the administrators of this site
  4. Accessibility: I am aware of the requirements of the Disability Discrimination Act 1992 and will ensure that materials will be presented in an accessible form where possible.
    See the following links for help on developing materials that meet accessibility guidelines:
    1. Tutorial on Accessible websites - "Everyone Online"
    2. Top Ten Tips for Web Content - DFEEST Digital Bridge Unit
    3. SA Government 10 Point Accessible Design Checklist
    4. Adobe (Macromedia) Flash and Accessibility
    5. Adobe PDF and Accessibility
    6. Audio and Video Accessibility

NOTE: A violation of any of the above terms may result in immediate suspension or removal of your access to this site and/or criminal or civil prosecution.

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